3 Reasons to Choose Non-Plastic Sippy Cups

Many parents believe that sippy cups are a natural, necessary step in the transition process from bottle to cup. As a first time parent, I assumed the same thing! I totally get it! It’s not likely that your child will go from nursing and bottles to a full-blown adult drinking glass. With plastic sippy cups readily available and seemingly safe and convenient, they seemed like a ‘no-brainer’ option for my children. However, I quickly (and thankfully!) realized I had better options!

Why Not Plastic?

Plastic sippy cups may be convenient and prevent spills from happening, but they’re also harmful! Fortunately, there are accessible, non-toxic and eco-friendly sippy cups that do not put children’s health and development at risk. In this blog, we share 3 practical reasons for choosing non-toxic, plastic-free sippy cups for toddlers.

Non-Plastic Sippy Cups Protect

As moms, we would never willingly put our children in harm’s way, EVER! So why are we still purchasing plastic sippy cups? Non-plastic sippy cups protect children from the health hazards of plastic by eliminating their exposure to BPA and other harmful chemicals. Sure, we all know to avoid BPA, and there’s plenty of plastic sippy cups that are marketed as “BPA-Free”. However, if a product is going out of its way to tell you that it’s ‘something-free’, you should be asking what the company has done to make it that way. Many companies are now replacing BPA with BPS, which is equally harmful. Other toxic additives lurking in BPA-Free products are:

  • Phthalates– linked to immune system suppression and hormone problems (especially in boys and men
  • BPS and BPF– bisphenol-S or bisphenol-F have similar (and possibly worse) hormone-mimicking and disrupting properties and are often found in BPA free products
  • Polyvinylchloride– linked to cancer and birth defects

We are our children’s strongest advocates. Our job is to protect them at all times. Thankfully, non-plastic sippy cups help give parents the tools to do just that!

Non-Plastic Sippy Cups Prevent 

Sippy cups often times get a bad rep, but it’s important to remember that not all cups are created equal! Despite the negative commentary, there are many benefits to providing your toddler with the RIGHT sippy cup. Plastic-free sippy cups help avoid speech delays that are frequently associated with extended bottle use. Similarly, non-plastic sippy cups aid in preventing tooth decay and also reduce incidents of ear infections- both associated with extended bottle use. Plastic free, silicone sippy cup lids also prevent delayed speech development by pulling the tongue back to a more mature, resting position versus utilizing the infantile sucking reflex demanded by a plastic spout. Sometimes the best care is preventative care! 

Non-Plastic Sippy Cups Provide

Non-plastic sippy cups with a silicone spout provide toddlers with tools that aid in the development of both their oral cavity and their speech. Silicone spouts mimic a mother’s nipple, as they take a different shape inside a child’s mouth. They also help children learn proper motor function of the tongue. Meanwhile, sucking on a rigid piece of plastic doesn’t allow for proper development of all the oral structures. Additionally, plastic cups can misshape the oral cavity and result in problems later in life, including problems with airway development, sleep quality, and facial form and aesthetics. Why correct a problem later in life that you can avoid all together while your child is young!

What You Can Do

This information may seem intense, but there’s no need to panic! It’s important to realize that plastic sippy cups are not a mandatory requirement for our children to transition into toddlerhood. Plastic is unnecessary and dangerous! As parents, we need to seriously consider safer alternatives to plastic sippy cups like our Silicone Steel Sippy Cups

Plastic sippy cups are no longer recommended by pediatricians and health care professionals because they put children’s health and development at risk. Plastic, hard-spout sippy cups need to become a thing of the past! We are fortunate to now have access to products that are safe for our toddlers and the environment without having to sacrifice convenience and functionality! 


Written by:
Jess from The Penguinni Family

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