Our Mission:

Leading your children toward a plastic-free lifestyle

  • No plastic ever

  • Easy for you

  • Made to last

  • Smart materials

No more toxins

It's time to start eliminating plastics in our lives. It's bad for us, our children, and the environment. 

Your toddler is playful, filled with an imagination and energy and we’ve design everything we do with that energy in mind. Each of our kid-friendly products are full of vibrant colours and creative, playful designs so that your toddler will enjoy using them, while staying clear of any harmful toxins.

We plan in the present because we understand how important the future can be. That’s why at Penguinni, we’ve designed a line of eco-conscious toddler products with an eye on tomorrow and an appreciation for today.

Lead by example

We strive to be trustworthy partners with your family and we understand how important healthy habits are when raising children.

We believe that your toddler can be a part of the solution by learning eco-conscious habits that will help them leave a greater impact on tomorrow, because healthy habits start early.

By modeling eco-friendly behaviors and choosing smart products as a parent, you can help foster that in your child. We want to partner with you to help foster those behaviors and create a better world for your child to grow into.

Help the world

Join us in our quest toward safety and sustainability, and let your family become an integral piece of the Penguinni story.

We are committed to doing our part to help ensure that the future your child grows into is one that is environmentally safe.

Our products embody all the elements parents value; they’re safe, sturdy, and sustainable. Your family’s health and happiness are as important to us as they are to you!

For every cup or container you purchase, we donate one to Smile-a-mile!

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